Igelsjön 2

Shelter for sleeping   58.30405,12.42568
Sweden, Västra Götalands county, Vänersborg
Halle- Hunnebergs platåer nature reserve

Toilet Fireplace Grill Water (unknown quality) Place for tent Swimming Fishing

Parking: 700 m Sleeps: 4 Seats: 8

Bra vindskydd med 4 övernattningsplatser.
Bra förberedd eldplats.
Toalett finns vid sjön.


Good wind protection with 4 places to stay.
Well prepared fireplace.
There is a toilet by the lake.

Located in Halle- Hunnebergs platåer nature reserve. Respect any special rules regarding tenting, firewood collection, fire, etc. which apply to this area.

Igelsjön 2

Igelsjön 2

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