Summer contest 2021

The contest has ended

A total of 76 people participated by sending photos of hiking shelters during july-august, and three final winners have been picked by lottery. They each win a gift voucher for outdoor gear worth 400 SEK. And the winners are...

  • Gustav Brogren, Göteborg
  • Ingvar Mikander
  • Stefan R


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Terms and conditions

Only photos of shelters that don't have any photos already qualify for the contest. The chance to win in the final lottery is based on the number of shelters that you have added photos to of during the contest period. This means that the more shelters you add photos to, the bigger the chance to win in the final lottery. The number of photos does not matter - one per shelter is enough to qualify.

Only photos added from the app will be considered. To add photos, you must be signed in.

Photos must be taken by you and be no more than one year old. Avoid including people in your photos - if you do, you must have their express consent to use the photo commercially. Any photos that violate copyright laws or any other regulations will be deleted, and the user who uploaded them will be disqualified from the lottery.

The contest period is from July 1 until midnight on August 31. Photos added after this period will not be considered.

Prices consist of a gift voucher for outdoor gear worth 400 SEK in a swedish online shop. Only delivery within EU is possible. Three winners will be picked by a randomized lottery after the contest period. Winners will be contacted during september, via the email address associated with the account used to sign in to the app. After contact, the names of all winners will be published on the website.

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