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How do I install the app?

You install the app from either Google Play (if you have an Android device) or from Apple App Store (if you have an iPhone/iPad) .

What functionality does the app have?


All available shelters are shown on an overview map. You can choose the type of map layer to use - either any of several "normal" map layers, or satellite imagery. The map also lets you measure distances, track your own position and filter shelters based on different criteria.


By tapping a shelter on the map, you can view more information about it, such as name, description, photos, category, user ratings and more.

You can also easily open the position of a shelter in another map app (for example Google Maps), or start navigation mode to the shelter.


Users can submit edits to any shelter, for example adding photos, changing the description, adjusting the position on the map, etc. This functionality requires that you sign in with either a login provider like Google, Facebook or Apple, or create an account using your email and a password. All edits are reviewed manually before being published.
If you find a shelter that's missing in the app, you can add it and give it a name, description, photos, etc.

Recently visited shelters

To make it easier for you to determine which shelters risk being occupied when you arrive, the app can show which shelters were recently visited by another user of the app.
Shelters visited within the last 12 hours have a small clock symbol next to them on the map. Opening one of the recently visited shelters will reveal roughly how long ago it was last visited. A red clock symbol means the shelter was visited withing the last hour, yellow means 1-12 hours and green means you are currently near the shelter, and you are the last visitor. The clock symbol on the map disappears when 12 hours have passed since the last visit was registered, or if the user leaves the shelter (i.e. if they use the app a certain distance from the shelter).
This feature is 100% anonymous - nobody can see who visited a shelter or the exact time, and no history of visits is saved.

Fire risk and fire ban

When you camp in the wild and make a camp fire, please be aware of the fire risk! The app can display fire risk information from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Both current and forecast fire risk data can be displayed.
The information can be presented in two ways:

  • as a nationwide map overlay with different colors
  • as text data for a specific location, including current fire ban status and a description of what type of fires are currently allowed or prohibited.


You can search for shelters based on the name, county, municipality or description. You can also scan one of the QR codes found on the website to open the shelter in the map.

Is the app free?

No, but you can try the app for free for a limited time after you first install it. The free trial is started by selecting a subscription option inside the app. You can cancel the trial period at any time without paying anything. When the free trial is finished, your selected subscription option will begin automatically.

If you dislike subscriptions, you can choose to make a one time purchase and get lifetime access to the app. It basically means that you purchase the app, but instead of paying up front before installation, you do it inside the app. You may use the free trial of one of the subscription options to try the app before deciding to purchase the lifetime access.

All payment options and current prices are found in the app. Prices may differ slightly between Google Play and Apple App Store due to differences in pricing options of each platform. Current prices are roughly 19 SEK/month, 59 SEK/year or 229 SEK for the lifetime purchase, but might vary depending on changes in VAT, currency exchange rates, etc.

Why do I have to select a subscription to start my free trial?

Payment and distribution of the app is handled by Google Play and Apple App Store, and this is simply how free trials work on those platforms.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Active subscriptions are managed from your usual app store - Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad. Follow one of the links below for info on how to cancel a subscription:

Google Play

Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play

Apple App Store

Manage App Store purchases, subscriptions, settings, and restrictions on iPhone and iPad.

Can I use the app on more than one phone?

You can use the app on an unlimited number of devices at the same time, if they all use the same app store. In other words, you can use the app on an unlimited number of iPhones and iPads if you paid using Apple App Store, or an unlimited number of Android phones and tablets if you paid using Google Play. You can not share the payment between the app stores, since Google and Apple each use their own payment systems and don't allow payments via third party payment systems (yet).

Can I use the app on both iPhone and Android?

If you want to use the app on both iPhone/iPad and Android at the same time, unfortunately at the moment you have to pay in both app stores. Of course this is not ideal, but there are both technical and legal limitations that make it impossible to use payments outside of Apples and Googles app stores to unlock paid content in apps.

However, if you have switched from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice versa, you can of course cancel your old subscription and start a new one on your new phone.

Why isn't the app free?

Development and maintenance of apps and websites require lots of resources, both in terms of time, energy and money. The financial costs include server hosting, domain name registrations, licensing, developer/designer salaries, etc.

By making the app subscription based, we can cover our ongoing costs as well as find resources to develop new functionality, make improvements and keeping the app up-to-date. So a big thanks to our paying users for making this possible! 💐
The app sales also enables us to continue offering the website for free, so that everyone can use the most basic functionality.

We are aware that subscription based payments isn't everyones cup of tea, which is why we also offer a one time purchase option. This option might seem expensive, but you need to consider that a single payment needs to cover all future costs for years to come.

Why aren't there descriptions and photos of every shelter?

The vast majority of photos and descriptions are added by our users, and more keep on coming. Exactly how many shelters are out there in the wilderness is unknown, but considering that we have more than 3000 in our app, it's no wonder that not all of them have descriptions and photos yet.

The next time you visit a shelter, consider taking a minute to help others by adding a photo and checking if the description needs updating. Make your changes by pressing the "Edit this shelter"-button at the bottom of the shelter details page. Sometimes we award users who submitted edits by arranging contests and giving away prices.

Sometimes you might find that a shelter that previously had a photo or description no longer does. This might happen if we need to remove content that violates our policies, copyright regulations, etc.

How do I write a good description for a shelter?

The main language of the app is swedish, but you may submit edits in english as well. If you do, they will be translated to swedish manually by us. Please note that your original english text might not be included in the final description, but the app has functionality to translate the swedish text into english.

We don't have any fixed rules for exactly how a description needs to look, but a good description should include the following information:

  • number of people who can sleep/sit in the shelter
  • presence/lack of fireplace, firewood, toilet and water
  • distance to nearest road/parking
  • directions if necessary (for example if it's hard to find or reach the shelter)

Feel free to include your personal impression of the area and the shelter. Especially if it's a particularily beautiful area, any nearby sights, disturbing noises, leaky roof, etc. Think about which information you would appreciate if you have never visited the shelter before.

Please avoid phrases that will quickly become obsolete, like "New shelter". In that case, consider phrasing it as "Built in 2021" instead. Also, avoid encouraging inappropriate behaviour, for example encouraging people to drive on restricted/prohibited roads.

Guidelines for photos

Your photos should show the shelter clearly, as well as other equpiment, such as fireplace, toilet, etc. If there is a nice view, feel free to include it as well. Only submit images that you have taken yourself, or that you have been granted the rights to use by the copyright holder.

Avoid including people in the photos unless you have their explicit consent to publish the images commercially. Images that violate any laws or policies will be deleted.

Who won the contest?

The winners from our summer contest which was open during july-august 2021 can be found here.

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